I’ve been a skincare addict since my good skin days ended in my early 20’s and all of a sudden I had mild acne and skin allergy reactions. I became so obsessed that the first thing I would do every morning after praying would be to check the latest skincare posts on Into the Gloss, one of my favourite sites.

Fast forward a few years and I’d sort of figured out my skincare needs (still figuring it out, it’s a process) and eliminated the foods that triggered reactions and all was well, skin wise. However, my obsession was still fresh and I decided to take the jump and explore it further and delve into the world of cosmetic formulation.

And so, here I am approximately 12 months later with Agnes; a name that belonged to my most favourite person in the world, a name that represents the epitome of beauty and love to me, the same beauty and love that inspires me to create and the same beauty and love that I hope you’ll experience with these products.